Saturday, May 26, 2012


Living here is a thing you’ll always here me talk about in this blog.  I in part started it out of missing where I’m from, as a way to cope with missing it.  New York, the ever-changing city of dreams, wishes, and wants.

I moved from a city where people dream and are idealists. It’s a hard place to become anything because you really have to work three jobs just to keep a roof over your head and any time you have free you strive for anything resembling a normal life.  Really though, if you live there there’s nothing resembling a normal life.  Success there isn’t being able to shop at Bloomingdales.  True success there is being able to buy a metro card for the subway, seeing the skyline as the daybreaks, buying a coffee to perk you up, and smiling at one person who needs it because you do too.

Living as an artist there is ridiculously difficult.  Truthfully most artists come from some other place and experience some major success, enough success to come back home.  New York’s a place for artists to retreat, relax, and retire in, if that makes any sense.  I saw a handful of famous actors, writers, and musicians living in close proximity to me in Brooklyn, when I lived there.  I strove when I was there.  I reached for the stars and stretched my talents like a famous yoga instructor, but it wasn’t enough.  It never was.  I was tackled.

So I moved here, the land where dreams come to live in a normal place for dreams, Los Angeles.  Dreams literally are silly experiences where our brains talk to us when we are sleeping.  Some would argue that they mean very little.  Some would argue that they are the most important things to ever happen in and around a person, because if realized they can turn into actual things that affect everything.  Some people dream at night and some people dream during the day, and some people do both.  I dream at night.  That’s certainly cool.  I dream during the day. All day every day I’m dreaming.  I see my thoughts in front of me like a beautiful prom date. I dance with them like a celebrity hoping for a forth chance at fame after a decade of failure.  They didn’t really fail.  They just had more to learn about themselves and humility.

Obviously I adhere to the latter, because I’m an idealist, or what some would say, a fool.
A wise man once said though, “You’re considered a fool when you’re chasing your dreams, but a genius once they’ve materialized.”

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