Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I'm proud of many things.  I'm proud of my friends and siblings that are hard working parents and parents to be.  I'm proud of my parents for setting their differences aside after many years and being good friends.  I'm proud of all my friends that are dreamers and idealists that have thoughts that become things.  I'm proud of everyone who tries and keeps trying in the face of adversity.  I'm proud of my girlfriend, who's a constant harbinger of positive energy and care, for working hard, for being a great woman, and standing by me and my dreams and conquering her own WELL. While I try to make the world smile, she makes me smile.  I’m proud of our president for turning over a new leaf and planting seeds that will grow our country into possible prosperity that we so desperately have needed.  I’m proud of my roommate’s for keeping their eye on the prize and helping me along the way.  I’m proud of NY for bouncing back after that shit happened.  I’m proud of Hip-Hop music for starting to get back to where it started from, fun.  I’m proud of car companies training the minds of the masses to know that there’s a problem that needs fixing, and again I’m proud of our government who lent them money to do so.  I’m proud of my little brother who fought in the war twice, that just sorta ended.  The brother that came home and finished a four year degree in two years and went on to great heights, and became a great father and husband.  I’m proud of the immigrants in this country that slave in kitchens, garages, parking lots and dining rooms that dream of being president and citizens.  I’m proud that men and women in the projects of America go on to play Madison Square Garden and go to university.  I’m proud of my actor friends that pour their hearts out in rooms day in and day out hoping and praying that someone lets them play with them.   I’m happy that bullying is an issue now and there’s a massive change to stop it.  I’m happy that a silent movie won best picture.  I’m happy that I’m alive.  I’m happy to know that everything’s going to be just fine.

And when all else fails ladies and gents.  Remember this.  You’re breathing, and there’s a Batman movie coming out this summer.  So everything is going to be just fine.

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