Thursday, July 29, 2010

NY Edits You

me:  writing about NY is much easier without all the bars you can walk to.
 Bill:  I was debating moving to the lower east side. such a romanticism about living there. i knew then and i know now that i'd never be cool enough to live there. it would be a constant reminder that I needed to do more, be more.
 me:  I lived there for my last month in the city
 I was introduced properly to the side of the LES.
that I will never forget
there is a park all the way by the river
down 6th street, that I ran in the rain every morning at 7 am listing to NY specific Hip Hop,
watching the leaves fall.
the concrete smelled like heroin to me.
those buildings frowned upon me for wanting to leave.
I promised them I'd be back with some stories.
 Bill:  they also frown at you for thinking you're good enough to stay.
 me:  aint that the truth
 Bill:  you'll never be as tall as them. and they know that they'll most likely be around for a lot longer than you. and they treat everyone equallythat's why it's so hard. anyone who is as big as those buildings, your jeters, your lou reeds, etc. they still have to prove it.
 me:  That cobble stone downtown has seen it all.
 Bill:  the brilliant part about romanticizing new york is that you can't do it enough and that it's so overdone and cliché.
 me:  I spent half a summer in Spanish Harlem working
it freaked me out at first.
then I grew to LOVE it.
101st and 1st.
that neighborhood screams
Bill:  i wrote this line once: the narrator says, "The city, as the saying goes, never sleeps... it just waits."
 me:  every morn a page turns though, and the words are a completely different language,
and the book never ends.
 Bill:  it'll still be there long after us
 me:  NYC is a Wikipedia page that everyone thinks they can edit, but no one really can.
it edits them.

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  1. I think you wrote both sides of this conversation, and called your alter ego "bill"