Tuesday, May 4, 2010

G Chat W/ Friends

  me: I fly back into NYC a week from this Thursday
 Robert: tits
 me: i have almost no time to spend in NYC
 I'm gonna have mid day/maybe happy hour drinks w/ jim
  you in?
  don't tell anyone else
 Robert: yeahdude
 me: I don't wanna hurt feelings.
  but you two are the only ones to know.
 Robert: he and I got blasted last night
 Robert: after we swore off weekday drinking
11:13 PM Yeah, I can do happy hour fo shop
  fo sho
me: ok
  we'll make it work
11:14 PM I CANT get wasted, and I'll be all kinds of jet lagged.
  but I gotta have my pops
 Robert: We'll just see about that
 me: we're gonna end up popping viagra
11:15 PM and bobbing for apples somewhere
 Robert: OK
  here's the plan
  all three of us
  each pop 2 viagra
  and we all go into a very full playground
  last one to get arrested wins
 me: part II: We buy paste like glue paste and take our shirts off in union square. I throw globs on you, you throw globs on me and jimmy spits calamari on us.
11:17 PM Robert: Whichever one of us does not get mauled to death by pigeons and homeless guyswins a cupcake and a can of tacks
 me: and we have a boombox playing My best friends girl over and over.
 Robert: Jesse is a friend
11:18 PM but no friend of mine
  so I banged his chick
  and filmed it on my flip cam
11:19 PM me: Flip Cam Revenge All Stars, with the new album First Time For Everything, with the smash single, "In the Unisex Bathroom Downstairs."

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