Thursday, April 22, 2010

I am what you made me, dick

I look like a movie star, fact.  I’m 180 Lbs, fact.  I’m the king of the actual Melrose Place, fact.  I wake up, drink coffee and jump up and down looking at the Hollywood hills every single morning like Ice Cube in the “It was a good day” video.  I don’t have a jerry curl, or a gun, or a drop top.  I do have a Fat burger in close proximity; I can smell the Pacific in the breeze and bite into the magic of LA like an apple at any given time, as the juice runs down my chin.

I’m 29.  I’m in love with an actual angel and the city of Los Angeles at the same time.  I wanna lay down at the center of the intersection of La Cienega and Melrose Ave, make a snow angel on the pavement while the worst drivers with licenses beep while I wave like a tourist and Ms. America combined. 

I’m tainted by my dreams and intimidated by yours.  You should most certainly be scared of mine, because they have about 1000 good people out there attached to them.  While you believe in hair product and perfect teeth.  Pray to your God, he exists in leather jackets and contemporary electro house pop music.  The cigarette breaks you take are in the hopes someone snaps a photo of you while mine are a confessional with all humanity.

What do I have to confess?  I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing, but I’m doing it.  I run the streets every morning, while you run your mouth.  While you pick up the leftovers in your small town, the one you never got out of.  While you spend time in the same bar you’ve been inside just as many times as you haven’t been inside a library.  While you park your car at the 7-11, and buy your 1000th pack of Newport’s, and a large coffee.  I’m parked outside of Awesomeness with a firm grip on the future.  With my sunroof open and my middle finger pointed behind me. 

I went to my High School reunion.  I was the shit.  I had two beers and the attention of everyone who never knew me.  I’ve always had my friends.  The best knuckleheads a blockhead could ask for.  I never really cared you guys, but you, you made me who I am, and I thank you.

Walking past me.  Talking about why it is I did the things I did.  I was never understood.  I was one step above them, while they had their foot right on top of me.  I gave them my kindness, regardless. I was the Gandhi and the Ferris Beuler of my High School.  I got out though, a long time ago.

After all these years.  After all this time it’s only fitting that the town that makes movies has decided that I look and act like a “dick”.  That that’s the roll I fit and do so effortlessly.  So that's what I'll be for a while while you watch me on Television.  I am not, a dick.  I can certainly act like one, and I learned it from watching you guys. 

So thank you for your wisdom, or lack there of. You made me who I am today.
Have fun at Lilly Flannigan’s this Friday.  Joey will be there with Mike probably.  They will probably will be wearing either plaid or polo shirts and cargo shorts. 


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  1. Cheers to getting out of EI! Moving to CA was the best thing I've ever done.