Monday, March 1, 2010

G Chat about boobs and Casimiro

me: tits.
James: yo,  aren’t those something?
  if you had to see them every day they would drive you nuts
especially if the girl was always touching you and pushing them together around you
me: that's why I've given up on tits.
  I'm an ass man now.
 James: If they were around you every day you'd lose it
  I don’t care what you say you are
  It’s IN you
 me: completely
I would jerk off everywhere.
 James: "Michael, my blood is in your veins"-Lost Boys
 me: I wouldn't even let her jerk me off
 James: haha
 me: I would HAVE to please myself.
 James:  I don’t even know what that means but man its funny.
 You mean they drive you so nuts you’d have to control it?
 me: yes, because I've been on the internet so many times looking for those.
  and if I actually found them, I would have to look at them in person.
James: Matt, we are on the same page in life
this is all I have been thinking about
James: What a great assessment
 James: I'm trying to get Casimiro to clean this up
I’m encouraging him to bang this girl
me: if he doesn't he’s garbage.
 me: If you really wanted to fuck Casimiro, you would.
 James: I dreamt of him last night
 me: what happend.
 James: it was all a blur
  but he was dressed very well
 me: he usually does.
  I curse the day that girl broke his heart.
  but it makes for some interesting conversation.
James: He bangs other chicks
me: how many?
 James: maybe 2 since then
  including her best friend
 me: does he moan?
 James: He grunts
 me: I bet the hair on the back of his head gets sweaty.
 James: when he comes he goes "aaah" instead of "oooh:
like he's in pain instead of enjoying it
 me: he has a towel, clean, close to the bed.
 James: he's great at aftertalk
 me: and post sex food.
me: I gotta go to the diner they shot pulp fiction in for lunch.
  have a good talk later.

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