Thursday, March 11, 2010

G Chat W/ Rob.

1:28 PM me: did you get laid?
 Robert: In Hawaii?
  Absolutely not
1:29 PM failure
 Robert: I decided to get a tattoo.
1:31 PM me: really?
   Robert: Yes
it's a map of the Philippines and the national sun and stars
me: Awesome.
  I'm getting the name of that girl you dated tatooed on the bottom of my feet so I can walk all over her.
 Robert: I love you, Matt McManus
  both platonically, and homoerotically

30 minutes
2:03 PM me: you ever put both a girls nipples in your mouth?
 Robert: like squeeze them together and just stuff em in?
 me: yea
 Robert: yeah
2:04 PM me: what's that called?
2:08 PM Robert: Awesome

2:11 PM me:when I come back to NY this summer with a mobile blowjob machine that I invented, and a shirt that says. "I can blow my self, thank you." We are gonna throw a party in the brandy library and then do a Mock circle jerk in central park where it says, "Imagine".

2:21 PM me: if you found out you were going to die, and you were gonna bang a dude, would you use a roller skate wheel to stretch out your but hole, to train it?
 Robert: that's a ridiculous question
2:22 PM you're supposed to use a flashlight.

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