Monday, February 8, 2010

I was just thinking about this.  I know it's weird.  Whatever.  I think it would be weird if a group of people, let's say they're hippies.  Let's say 132 hippies just to get specific.  132 hippies are hanging out in an open field somewhere in the northeast.  Let's say New Hampshire, to be specific, and it's August.  What if they only ate asparagus for three days straight?  No big deal, right?  It's healthy.

But here's the thing I was thinking about.

What if they tied you down and urinated all over you?  Could you deal with that?  I'm not sure I could.  That smell...well, it's something else.  That's for sure.  I lived with a hippy for four years.  He never paid his bills on time and he liked hairy chicks, but he never pissed on me.  If he did, and he got a 131 of his friends to do the same, and it was asparagus pee...I would freak out.

I would make death.

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