Monday, February 8, 2010

2:31 PM me: Hood Niggas.
2:32 PM me: ha
  this is awesome.
2:33 PM Robert: Right??
 me: did I randomly just write hood niggas to you and you had that to send to me?
 Robert: Yep
 me: wow.
 Robert: We're racially cycling together

5 minutes
2:39 PM me: I really may come find you at the airport on your layover in LA,
  and do three shots of jack.
 Robert: Dude
 me: and then you can punch me in the face.
  and I'll leave.
 Robert: I will be so doped up on Ambien
  that I will be entertaining
2:40 PM I turn into a real snarky dick to strangers when I'm super groggy and forced to walk around
 me:i would pay to see that
 Robert: It'll cost you a cab ride to the airport
 me: Exactly like that.

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