Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why Sandwiches?

A lot of people have been asking about the topics under the title for this blog.  Let me set the record straight and tell y'all why they are important to me, breifly.
Sandwiches:  Because they bring things together; friends, family, meat, cheese, bread, and chips.
Beer:  Because you give me two beers and I'm...alright.
Breasts:  Because every pair is different and you never know what you're gonna get.  It's like going to a new town or planet each time you un-cup a pair.  I just like hanging out w/ them.  Fair enough?
Toilets:  I like bathrooms, clean bathrooms.  I like using them.  Thinking in them.  and going #2 in them.  If you don't like going #2 than you're a ZERO and you can unsubscribe from this blog.  FYI:  I text on the toilet, and so can you.  YAY!
Condiments: Because I like dipping THINGS in other STUFF.
Romance:   Because it's real and walking around waiting for you.  It's the only bit of or fine nation we can still tap into.  Hold a door, wink at someone, and be nice to chicks...And if you're a shitty girl...STOP IT.
This is my Dad.  I learned this from watching him, Dad.

"A bad day at the beach is better than a great day at work."

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