Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stuff 10

Travel the world in your brain, in your life, on the page. See and
experience new things. Live and lead a life less ordinary in your
brain, in your life, and on the page. That's been the idea all along.
Even in middle school I knew this. That trinity is three tiny corks
keeping your boat afloat. That trinity is three of the furthest
points on a buck’s head. If one of those corks pops out, or if one
point on the buck’s head falls off or breaks well, then you get the

And man--you gotta fall in love. Live your life. Make babies. Go
dancing. Get drunk. Have sex. Eat. Different things. Laugh.
Travel. Masturbate. Shower. Explore. Work out. Chase sunsets.
Rollerblade. Talk weird. Dress up. Be a manager. Instant message.
Upgrade. Cry. Be silly. Paint. Make phone calls. Drive past the
house you grew up in. Give yourself the finger. Count stars.
Neglect something. Talk to an elderly person. Identify with a movie.
Purchase sporting goods. Grab your tits. Get pulled over. Pasta.
Be hung-over. Dirty talk. Make the call. Put it away. Stop again.
Listen to the rain on a Sunday. Flirt.

You have three outlets:

Your brain.
Your life.
The page.

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