Saturday, January 30, 2010

G Chat with "Rob"

Robert: You're doing full frontal in your next movie
  with a prosthetic black penis
 me: yea I have paper weights hanging from my tip right now.
 Robert: hahaha
4:05 PM 
  I want pics from LA!
  And I wanna come visit
4:06 PM me: I want you to come visit.
  Ian is coming in spring.
  maybe you can cordinate.
 Robert: yes
  and we're doing a Roman Orgy
  minus the homo
 me: LOL
4:07 PM I should have my but hole hymen implant in by then.
  so no worries.
 Robert: fantastic
  Caligula it is
  I'll bring the horse
  no, I didn't say whores
 me: I'll bring the staff.
 Robert: I said horse

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