Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fake Books Fake Authors.

 So my best friend and I do this thing where we make up fake names of books and the author of said book, and go back and forth.  Here is an example.  enjoy.

TimQMills: The Oil Change by Roz Fishman
PervySlick00: sorry
TimQMills: you better be
PervySlick00: Your Mom has such an unstable neutron to proton ratio, she undergoes Beta-Positive decay even when her Xenon concentration is in equilibrium!!!
TimQMills: LOL
TimQMills: these are really funny
TimQMills: i like that bit
PervySlick00: China's Sideburns By Stonewall Jackson
TimQMills: LOL
TimQMills: everyhting about that is funny
PervySlick00: Supper for Charlette By Dorris Barnese
TimQMills: Dorris Barnese
PervySlick00: Wooden Trees By Ming Rae
TimQMills: oh my God
TimQMills: these are your best yet
PervySlick00: That Star's Mine By T.J. Fife
TimQMills: these are unreal
TimQMills: i wish we had a list of every title weve ever done
TimQMills: TH Fife
TimQMills: TJ
TimQMills: Barnese is my favorite
TimQMills signed off at 2:25:45 PM.
TimQMills signed on at 2:26:18 PM.
TimQMills: Weather Permitting by Leon Lush
PervySlick00: NICE!
PervySlick00: perfect
PervySlick00: thats a good name
PervySlick00: you gotta take things people say every day
PervySlick00: that everybody knows
PervySlick00: and throw it at em
TimQMills: you shut YOUR mouth mister!
PervySlick00: Marshal Naithe's Love Seat
TimQMills: oooooh nice twist!
TimQMills: Borrowed Apples by Sean Shift
TimQMills: So is the Son by Emily Corn
PervySlick00: Society of Executioners by Tomas Santiago
TimQMills: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
PervySlick00: So is the son
PervySlick00: Play on words action
TimQMills: Again and Again by Ronny Klump
PervySlick00: Do onto Others by Josh Wink
TimQMills: Gasping for Air by Basil Fistenpumper
PervySlick00: Fistenpumper
TimQMills: lol
PervySlick00: She's out There By Brian Van Crendle
TimQMills: First We Drink by Elaine Goonz
PervySlick00: W O W
PervySlick00: you may need a comma in there after first
TimQMills: right
TimQMills: good call
PervySlick00: and thats a done deal
PervySlick00: I would read that book based simply on the title
TimQMills: hahahahahaha
TimQMills: awesome
TimQMills: man i love doing this
TimQMills: we're so stupid
PervySlick00: me too
PervySlick00: we are
TimQMills: we shouldve kept them
PervySlick00:  we actually are really smart, and funny, but we throw it out at the end of the workday
TimQMills: where does yours go back to?
PervySlick00: I have this whole convo

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  1. Personally, my favorite is "Tomorrowness and the Promise of Yesternow" by Patricia Vaughn-Clartt. Check it out sometime...